The Fam

Twin sons, a daughter in-heart, two grandchildren
and one on the way, due in Aug '13.  We are greatly! blessed ~
Sep. 2012

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A one shot deal . .
This was one of those random moments for a chance at a decent  family photo...ripped pants, vintage football helmet, cranky 2 yr old and all.  It had been a long day, we were all tired but decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and go on a walk in the woods.  On the way back home I saw this great picture spot so of course I made everyone stop. We got set up, put the camera on a conveniently located picnic table, set the timer and wah-lah.  The 2 year old was nearing meltdown mode so we moved on.  

There is so much about this photo that I absolutely cherish, much of which can't be seen with eyes.


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